Download T3DE Trial

Version 11.0 Released

Your download should begin in 5 seconds, or please click the direct link to download it

If you are having issues with the previous link, or it is downloading slow, try any of these various other mirrors: Mega and TurboBit, ShareFlare, LetItBit and more.
We are excited to finally launch the first version where anyone can download T3DE and test it out.

Trial users will be able to select 1 product from any non-pro developer and edit the product to see all textures and mesh of that product. As of version 11.0 You need creator access in order to access the creator functions.

In order to use T3DE, go to create button and then click edit product on the right side, and enter the product ID. DO NOT DERIVE - it will give you no assets.

Make sure the product you are editing has assets. It does NOT have assets if it says something like this on IMVU product page: " Size: 432 KB (0 KB + 432 KB)" the 0 KB means nothing was added/changed - thus it has no assets. You should edit the parent instead.

If the product ID is not from a pro dev, you will see a message saying you are approved and the edit button should appear.

If you see you are rejected, then it means you have already been approved for a different product and you are only allowed to edit that product from now on.

If you made a mistake on which product ID you chose, please contact as at or visit live support.
If you purchase T3DE, you don't have to download a seperate program. The trial will automatically activate.

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