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T3DE: IMVU Texture & 3D Extractor

The original and BEST IMVU texture and 3D mesh extractor ever made.
The ONLY T3DE that can be used from website alone, no software needed!

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T3DE Features

Why T3DE is the best extractor,

  • Anonymous Extraction
    Access our publisher network

    IMVU will not have any idea who or which user you are. You are safe to use this program without having to worry if IMVU will catch you. It's virtually undetectable.

  • Edit Any Developer, Any Product
    Targeted ads for better performance

    Unlike some texture extractors, T3DE will let you edit not only every and any texture from any developer pro or otherwise, but it will also give you access to their animation detail and 3D Meshes. The best part is that the product doe's not even have to exist anymore. T3DE can edit hidden, disabled, or old products.

  • Free Updates For Life
    Custom ad campaigns

    If T3DE shall ever happen to stop working because of IMVU has restricted limits, we will update T3DE in a matter of days and always grant you the upgrade for FREE.

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What People Are Saying

  • I have used T3DE since version 1 and have nothing but praise. It has allowed me to view how other developers come up with certain techniques and materials. At times I even modify them a little and use them in my own products.

    Jerod Morris

  • T3DE has saved my business of selling blackmarket IMVU products. Before T3DE, I had to refund a customer if IMVU had disabled a certain product. Now I can just extract the 3d Mesh from the disabled product, resubmit it, and give the customer another version of the same product. I virtually have unlimited sellable goods, and don't even need the developer to sell it to me.

    Ahmed Muhammed

  • I was wary on spending money for this software but now I don't regret it. I am able to edit one of those Pandora avatars that normally cost 20,000 credits and resubmit them privately for my own use for only 500 credits. What a savings! Any product I want for just the low derivation cost.

    Cindy Kohlstedt

  • July 16 2014

    T3DE Software Discontinued

    It's almost been 2 years since we converted T3DE software to t3de online. We no longer support the software, only browser.

  • Aug 15 2013

    T3DE 10.2 Released

    Updated internal version

  • Mar 1 2014

    T3DE 11.0 Released

    Updated internal version

  • Aug 15 2013

    T3DE 10.2 Released

    Updated internal version

  • June 13 2013

    T3DE 10.1 Released

    Updated internal version

  • Mar 20 2013

    T3DE 10.0 Released

    Fixed an error that caused the client not to start

  • Dec 16 2012

    T3DE Web Version

    You can now sign in and download chkn files right from our website, no need for the client. Safest way possible.

  • Nov 14 2012

    Version 9.0 Release

    Fixed an error that caused the client not to start

  • Aug 21 2012

    Version 8.1 Release

    Fixed an error that would cause a crash after IMVU 476.0 install

  • Jul 31 2012

    Version 8.0 Release

    Updated backend version so won't crash

  • May 11 2012

    Version 7.0 Release

    Allowed creating without VIP

  • Apr 19 2012

    Version 6.21 Release

    Increased security on being undetected

  • Apr 01 2012

    Only T3DE

    We decided to discontinue all services but T3DE.

  • Feb 01 2012

    Disabling Service and cheaper credits

    We increase the amount of credits you get with $1 from 3000 to 4000 credits. We also offer services to get your enemy disabled on IMVU for $100 USD. Visit the Purchase Page for more information.

  • Jan 24 2012

    Version 6.2 Release

    Removed fingerprinting so no hardware bans work, enable whispering for T3DE users by default.

  • Dec 23 2011

    Version 6.1 Release

    Better handling of how files are saved. Network backup support incase t3de.com goes down, t3de will still work. Guest accounts active by default.

  • Dec 14 2011

    Version 6.0 Release

    To keep up with the lastest IMVU update, we have released version 6.0. This version fixes the 467.18 message that you get when trying to go on create mode.

  • Nov 20 2011

    Version 5.0 Release

    To keep up with the lastest IMVU update, we have released version 5.0 now with extra available plans. No longer is T3DE just a set price of $300 for everything, you can now pick and choose the features that most appeal to you and pay less. Visit the Purchase Page for more information.

  • Nov 02 2011

    More services available

    We are now offering services which will promote your products to the hottest products quickly and easily. Not only that, but we now offer selling of credits at 4000 credits per $1USD. Lowest anywhere!Please visit the Purchase Page for more information.

  • Oct 26 2011

    Creator Accounts for sale

    As a part of the T3DE service we will now give you 5 free creator account backups with your purchase of T3DE so you don't have to buy a name-token each time you are disabled. Each account after 5 is just $1.00 USD. Please visit the Purchase Page for more information.

  • Aug 1 2011

    T3DE Version 4.1 Released

    Aborted the portable application idea in favor of stand IMVU-type files to decrease crashes and bugs. Added more support for DMCA'ed, disabled, and hidden products.

  • Jul 29 2011

    T3DE Version 4.0 Released

    IMVU tried to prevent T3DE by forcing only 464.0 and greater clients access to creator mode, within 3 hours we had T3DE based around this update and back in action. T3DE team 1, IMVU 0.

  • Jul 27 2011

    T3DE Version 3.0 Released

    The much anticipated version 3.0 has launched pubically and will allow people to test out T3DE by being able to edit 1 product of their choosing from a non-dev. Payment options are still being worked out.

  • Jul 26 2011

    T3DE.com is launched.

    The website theme is now in place and the finishing touches. Attempting to better advertise and improve the website is currently being decided. Version 3 is on it's way, it's going through some beta testing. It's coming soon.

  • Jun 22 2011

    T3DE.com is purchased.

    The website is purchased and steps are being taken to get everything ready for version 3 launch. No website theme exists yet, just a place holder for people to contact us via email.

  • May 8 2011

    T3DE Version 2 released

    As of IMVU version 460.00 the previewer will no longer work and all creators must go through the client directly; therefore T3DE version 2 is a modified IMVU client that allows users to not only extract textures and 3d mesh files like before, but now they can save all files at once and re-submit without putting the product back together.

  • Jan 15 2011

    Sales are up. Customer are happy, creators are not.

    T3DE has become a hit and many sales are starting to come through. We have taken many complaints and suggestions into consideration both from Devs and customers.

  • May 10 2010

    T3DE Version 1 released

    Version based on the IMVU previewer tool was able to extract textures and 3d mesh files one by one. Many youtube videos made showing off how to use T3DE but most taken down quickly. Buyers interested had to email imvucrack@hotmail.com.